I am pro- life. For me, the sanctity of life is a matter of faith. I walked blocks with my family to help make Lubbock a sanctuary city for the unborn.

As a lawmaker, I will fight the federal government and any special interest groups to protect those innocent lives.


America was founded on the principle that all states are sovereign, meaning they have the power to govern themselves.

I believe individuals, families and businesses should be allowed to make their own choices, and I will fight unlawful government mandates.


Small business is the backbone of the Lubbock economy. I will fight for smaller government and lower taxes, so our business can thrive, and Lubbock can continue to grow for our children and the next generation.

texas tech

In 1924, my granddad Ralph Brock was at the groundbreaking for Texas Tech. My parents graduated from Texas Tech Law School in 1988. Our family knows how important Texas Tech is to Lubbock and West Texas. As a lawmaker, I will do everything I can to help Texas Tech grow and thrive.

2nd amendment

I will protect the rights of citizens to own and bear arms. I will fight ANY effort to encroach on the crystal-clear constitutional rights of gun owners.